Heaven Baek
is an artist based in South Korea and Germany.
Her practice investigates how people work, gather and play in various situations or during particular occasions, forming groups and outlining territories.
She uses staged-reality to finalise her videos and installations to magnify society through its continuum of micro history.
And how the mechanism of system gets involved to form our selves.
Her recent research illustrates divisions and ideological territories, particularly How Korean war can be used in capitalistic situation in South Korea
and its relation to a swing towards conservative politics over successive generations.
her works are represented by Arario Gallery.

2009 Master of Fine Art, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK
2006 Bachelor of Fine Art_ Media Arts, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia

Solo Exhibitions
2019 so there was, Saro Leon gallery, Las Palmas
2017 Wolf and Wolf, Arario gallery seoul, Seoul
2013 Our Lady vengeance, Insa art space_Art council of Korea, Seoul

Group Exhibitions
2019 The coming community, Sejong Art Center, Seoul
2019 Presqu?île flottante, Bateau Lavoir, Paris
2019 Offen Einladung, Kustraum shin, Friedrichsdorf
2018 Tomorrow without Tomorrow, Boan space, Seoul
2018 Unexpected Encounter, Arts Maebashi, Gunma
2018 Imagined Boders, Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju
2018 Busan returns, f1963, Busan
2017 I, II, III (duo with Sangjin Kim), out_sight, Seoul
2017 Utopia land, Heritage space, Hanoi
2017 Undefined Boundaries, Korean Cultural Center in Vietnam, Hanoi
2016 Metropolis of Desire: Visible and invisible, Busan Museum of Art, Busan
2016 Nobody's space, Amado art space, Seoul
2016 Short Chronocle, Art company gig, Seoul
2015 Creative and empathist, Arario Museum_topdongbikeshop, Jeju
2015 Sound of community, Arko Museum, Seoul
2015 INTRO, MMCA_Seoul, Seoul
2015 Annual-nale: On Going, Amado art space, Seoul
2014 a cabinet of exhibition, Arko Museum, Seoul
2014 82-33-44, Choi & Lager project salon, Paris
2014 Caesura, Reid Gallery, Glasgow (Glasgow International)
2013 Uncommon ground, SIM, Reykjavik
2012 Poongnyun Super Camp, Art and Community Network, Goyang
2012 Distance, Geumchun Seoul Art Space, Seoul
2012 Gunsan Report, Art space pool, Seoul
2012 Global cities and Citystories, Casal Solleric, Mallorca
2012 Samchunpo, Seoul Art Space_segyo, Seoul
2011 Global cities and Citystories, CasaAsia, Barcelona
2011 opening, La Ermita, Barcelona
2011 Our viewpoints, akibatamabi21 (3331 arts chiyoda), Tokyo
2011 Familiar city unfamiliar place, Shinsegae Gellery centum, Busan
2011 Twists Turns Ups Downs: (in)visible Move and Human Agency, Gunsan
2011 DINGSDABUMSDA WHATCHAMACALLIT, Gwangju Kunsthalle, Gwangju
2011 Art Fresh, PS 333 Seoul Art Space_Geumchun, Seoul

2011 SNAP (Social Network Art Project), AG Gallery, Seoul
2011 The sociological Imagination of the city, Seoul Art Space_Geumchun, Seoul
2011 No excavation, Art space Pool, Seoul
2011 Waya 2ri, Ssamzie Nonbat Art Center, Heyri Paju
2010 none the less the same, Litmus, Ansan
2010 Raw in a restless point, Moin, Seoul
2010 Stranger than Paradise, Litmus, Ansan
2009 Set it up and go, APS artnews projects + Twinspace, Berlin
2009 Degree Show, Tramway, Glasgow
2009 Members Show, Transmission, Glasgow
2009 Just Work Done, 134 Renfrew st., Glasgow
2008 Interim Show, Mackintosh Gallery/Newbery Gallery, Glasgow
2007 Assemble, Assembly Gallery, Glasgow
2007 Boys Girls Machines, Capitol Theatre, Melbourne

Public Art/ Offsite Projects and Performances
2020 Talk_Noria, public program, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai
2019 Finger Points, basis projektraum, frankfurt am main, Germany
2018 Bolero by Bolero project, Police agency human right centre, Seoul
2016 Suwon yuram, Jangan park, Suwon
2016 OVNi(Objectif Vidéo Nice Video Art Festival), Windsor Hotel, Nice
2015 Dining in Bus, Can foundation_old house, Seoul
2015 Lake Scratchers, Space One, Seoul
2014 Lake Scratchers, Tachumachi studio and houses in Maebashi city, Arts Maebashi
2014 we; within us, Sindoh space, Seoul
2013 Inner and outer Seoul_project , Dongdaemun History & Culture Park by City of Seoul, Seoul
2012 Rivers of the world, gallery OXO, London
2011 TOP bcn, open studios (tallers oberts del Poblenou), barcelona
2011 The Agency (solo project supported by Art space Pool and Cooksoondang), ggull pool, Seoul
2011 Rivers of the World Project, British Council / Hi Seoul Festival, Seoul
2010 Mixed media art & Performances MooA; exhibition7-Nomadic circus K , Guro Art Valley, Seoul
2010-2011 Timing workshop with Doosan Primary School, Sin heung Primary School, Geumchun youngjae childcare centre,
Local childcare centre (through October 2010 to January 2011), Geumchun art space, Seoul
2008 'The Golden Fleece' Auction, McLellan Galleries, Glasgow
2008 Open studios and NotYourAverageEveningEvent, Glasgow International, Glasgow
2007 Double Happiness, Ricefield Gallery, Glasgow
2006 Australian Air, Hongkong/Seoul

Group Screenings
2019 Parker's peace, Onsu Space, Seoul
2009 kunstfilmtag, Malkasten, Düsseldorf
2008-09 CCA (Centre for contemporary Arts), Screenings including Kingdom of Muin, Zahnlucke, DES ANIMAUX, Pivo de Essential,
Tristar, Read Your Tea Leaves Carefully,Selected Video Screening, This is my head, CCA, Glasgow
2008 VIDEOHOLICA 2008, Art Biennial, Sofia
2008 Rotten Mushroom Heads (duo with Christian Newby), CCA, Glasgow
2005 Dotmov: experimental screening, Loop Bar & Art space, Melbourne

2020 Alserkal residency, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai, UAE
2019 Air_frankfurt, International residency exchange program of MMCA, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
2018 Stipend from Gyeonggi cultural foundation for research in DMZ, SKorea
2018 MMCA Changdong residency as in a group named Bolero Project, SKorea
2017 MAP, Heritage space, Hanoi, Vietnam
2017 real DMZ residency, Art Sonje_Cheolwongun, SKorea
2016 Gasworks residency, London, UK
2015 MMCA Goyang residency, SKorea
2014 Arts Maebashi artist in residency, City of Maebashi, Japan
2013 Awarded for Sindoh Artist support artist, Sindoh Co., Ltd. foundation, SKorea (by Beatrix Ruf and Dongyeon Koh)
2013 Arko Young Artist Frontier, Art Council Korea
2013 Stipend awarded, Art Council Korea
2013 SIM (The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists) artist residency, Reykjavik, Iceland
2012 Artist in Residency on board, Busan art and culture foundation, Busan, SKorea
2011 Hangar Artistas Residentes, Barcelona, Spain
2011 ggull pool, Seoul, SKorea
2010 Geumchun Seoul Art Space Residency, Seoul, SKorea
2010 Community Space Litmus Young artist, Ansan, SKorea
2009 Ssamzie nongbu Artist Residency, Hong Chun, SKorea

2012 PAN Asia12':Performance Art Network ASIA, Display Curator/Translator, Seoul
2012 Chung gye chun Festival, gogo segyero miraero section, Display curator, Seoul
2010 Moin Creative Space, Curator, Seoul (sponsored by Calsburg, Segyo Hotel and Anthracite)
2010 Seoul Design Fair 2010_ Seoul Design Market, Coordinator, Seoul
2010 Independent Curator, Seoul
2009 PAN Asia09':Performance Art Network ASIA, Display Curator, Seoul

Seoul museum of Art
Seoul Metropolitan City
Museum of Contemporary Art Busan
Sindoh Co., Ltd
Arario Museum
Arko archive